Cam Nufer
Head of Production @
Born Brewing
Calgary, AB

Born and raised in Calgary, Cam Nufer has been very interested in the beer scene since he became of age, but didn’t really see it as a career path. After experimenting with some homebrewing, he wondered if it was a possibility with so many craft breweries opening around Calgary and Alberta as a whole. Cam applied and got accepted to attend Olds College from 2019 to 2021 to take their Brewery operations and Management course which seemed like an appropriate step in eventually transitioning into the industry. Before attending the college in September of 2019, he was given the opportunity to work at Born Brewing Co, formerly Born Colorado, as a summer student/part time worker. While still attending Olds college, he did a wide range of jobs and tasks at Born, including working the taproom, cleaning kegs, delivering beer to liquor stores and bars, while working toward the goal of actually brewing beer for the company, which is what he’s doing today.
Being able to work for a small, local business like Born Brewing has been a very rewarding experience because you can actually see the company grow, from everyone’s individual contributions.

What made you want to become a brewer?

“I knew I would have to sample the beers…. But in all honesty, I treat brewing like cooking, which most people do and have a passion for. If you like to cook, experiment with new ingredients, perfect a recipe and make it your own, there is a certain level of accomplishment that goes along with that. “

Why do you use Alberta ingredients in your brews?

“Other than the “support local” movement, Alberta has some really high-quality ingredients to make beer with. Alberta is known for its barley across North America, and if your touring breweries south of the border, or even in Hawaii, there is a high chance you will see a grain bag from Alberta! “

What is your favourite Alberta ingredient to use?

“We use a decent amount of Pale Ale malt from Origin in Strathmore. Really great product at a good price! Also, great customer service, free and fast delivery whenever you need it! “

What brew should guests be sure to try on your menu?

“At the time of writing this, the beer isn’t packaged yet, but our Dew Sweeper Cucumber Lager that is getting released in May is awesome. Very light and easy drinking, with thirst quenching notes of cucumber. It took a whole day peeling and blending 100lb. of cucumber to make it happen.”

What is a favourite brewing memory?

“Some of my favorite memories actually come from the marketing side of Born. Taking pictures or videos for the Instagram page. One memory sticks out when we were taking a slow-motion video for our Watermelon gose. It consisted of smashing a watermelon over a can. I bet it can still be found on Born’s Instagram page. “

What do you like about being a part of the Alberta craft beer scene?

“I can only speak for myself and the community of breweries surrounding Born, but this industry is so much more than being competitive in the market, because the breweries build off each others success and helps create friendly competition. Not only that but we often lend a hand or borrow ingredients from fellow breweries in the area. Everyone is willing to help out. Even if they are a “competitor” in the same industry. “