Chef Phil Warren
Executive Chef/GM @ Field & Forge
Innisfail, AB

Awards & Recognition

  • Take Stock magazine winner of ‘Dish of the month’ (entrée)

Chef Philip Warren has been working in kitchens for almost 10 years. Chef Phil worked his way through the ranks from dishwasher to Head Chef. Honing his skills in Michelin recommended restaurants and fine dining establishments, he has been fortunate to have worked with some great Chefs over this time.  Moving in 2020 from England to Red Deer, he fell in love with Alberta immediately! 

Using local ingredients wherever possible, Chef Phil has always been a huge advocate of ‘Field to Fork’ with a cooperative of local producers, helping the local economy and keeping small businesses alive!

What made you want to become a chef?

“Food and Cheffing has been in my family for generations, from my Great Aunt and Uncle working in military kitchens during WW2, to my mom working in catering since I was little. Food has been in my blood and a true passion.

Why do you use Alberta ingredients in your kitchen?

“I believe that Alberta has some of the best agricultural products you can find! From fresh lakes to open prairie farm land, there really is a huge option and scope for local ingredients and creativity.

What is your favourite Alberta ingredient to use?

“As a craft beer enthusiast and Chef of wholesome home cooking, barley and wheat are some of my unsung heroes of a good meal! From a Pearl Barley risotto, to a whole wheat rye bread. Flour and barley are part of everything we do and its amazing to have great quality of it so close to your doorstep!”

What dish should guests be sure to try on your menu?

“At the Cooking Room, I make a pork tenderloin dish, with local root vegetables, Koffman cabbage and an apple and thyme jus. Perfect for a winter warmer.”

What is your favourite kitchen/cooking memory?

“One of my greatest kitchen memories was developing a tasting menu for a local charity which was a blend of local classics and world fusion twists. The meal went amazing and helped raise a good amount for a veteran charity close to my heart.”

Why do you take part in Alberta on the Plate?

“I love to take part in the Alberta on a plate to really help diversify and expand the culinary culture of the area, while helping and using the best local ingredients as well. This is be a great opportunity to help showcase what we should be proud of here in Alberta!”