Chef Debra Poulin
Chef/Owner @
Twisted Fork
St Paul, AB

Debra is the Chef and owner of Twisted Fork in St. Paul, Alberta.  Debra is passionate for local regional cuisine and she works closely with local farmers and producers in the Lakeland region.  She discovered her passion for the culinary world as a child going up in the Niagara region in Ontario where she was surrounded by fresh local ingredients and working on farms.  These fresh ingredients gave her a chance to discover the importance of flavour and this has been key for her throughout her career.  She has extended her commitment to flavour to her fellow staff, other chefs, and her involvement in professional organization and educating those that are up and coming.

Debra has been cooking for over 35 years and has had opportunity to develop and expand her culinary skills by studying under many Chefs across Canada, and Masters in France and Italy.  She has obtained her Red Seal, Blue Seal, BA in Culinary Management and Level 2 from WSET.  Debra is an active member of the Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Board (local and provincial Apprenticeship committee) and Canadian Culinary Federation.  Debra has been published in Farm to Table Cook book, Food Artisans of Alberta and continues to expand ways to share her knowledge and flavours with those that are up and coming in the culinary world or those that just love fresh food.

She is a proud supporter of our community and love working with different groups in making our community better