Chef Scott Redekopp
Executive Sous Chef @
Hotel Arts Group
(Yellow Door Bistro)
Calgary, AB

Chef Redekopp was raised in Saskatoon and developed his love for cooking when he travelled to Italy when he was sixteen. A simple 3-ingredient pizza in Capri with fresh burrata instilled an abundant respect for ingredients and peak seasonality of produce. A few years later while backpacking in Australia, Scott started working at an Italian restaurant and learned how to prepare sauces, stocks, risotto and other staples of Italian cuisine.

With a love for cooking, Scott moved out to the West Coast to train at the Arts Institute of Vancouver’s Dubrulle Culinary Arts and later SAIT and secure his Red Seal Certification. Scott joined the Yellow Door Bistro team when it opened in 2013, where he not only launched an award-winning brunch program for Yellow Door, but he also introduced an ever-changing and innovative series of feature pancakes that attracted a fair amount of media acclaim including Food Network Canada.