Situated to the east, south and north of Calgary, the Wild Rose Agritourism Community crosses several county lines and is one of 27 regions in Alberta established to sustain rural places and ways of life. Here, on the wide-open Prairie, you feel as expansive as the universe.

Natural treasures abound but they’re perhaps a bit more subtle than those famous peaks that attract people west. These are treasures that only appear for those who take the time and care to look. They’re here for people who live closely with the land. These gems are revealed through the seasons.

Fuzzy amethyst clusters of Prairie Crocus herald spring. Called wind flowers, they pop to life pel mel while the grasslands around them still lay brown and waiting their turn at life. Summer brings warm winds blowing waves across an ocean of croplands in greens and gold. Fields of canola, alfalfa, barley, oats, and wheat look like a patchwork quilt for the earth from above. Fall is harvest season with brightly coloured combines stirring up dusty sunsets that set the plains aglow. Winter blizzards alternate with days of brilliant blue skies, a sharp contrast to the stark white snow cover.

The people of this region are the first to feel the sun’s rays on their faces. Their eyes meet its light and welcome its warmth as its beams stretch across the unbridled eastern horizon. The farmers, ranchers and food producers here are alchemists partnering with nature to feed our province and our nation with the bounty they produce. All of Alberta’s Seven Signature foods – beef, bison, canola, honey, Red Fife wheat, root vegetables and saskatoon berries – grow here.

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Strathmore, AB

A whole foods market and deli that focus’s on providing foods that are as close to nature as possible. They are passionate about providing locally grown produce, meat, grains, and dairy to support our local economy, as well as to minimize the carbon footprint.

Three Hills, AB

Coming from a lifelong love of baking and giving, Little Bird Bakery is an artisanal coffee and bakeshop with an emphasis on handcrafted edible art.  They also carry a great selection of local art and merchandise.  More…

Rosebud, AB

Grab a slice or a whole pie!  Selection changes daily, and there’s even gluten-free options available.  Frozen or fresh, they’re all ready and waiting for you to enjoy. 

Trochu, AB

A cowboy setting with homecooked meals, soups, sandwiches and desserts.  The perfect stop for a trip through Kneehill County, or grab a sandwich to enjoy on a picnic at Horseshoe Canyon. 


Siksika, AB

A historic site and museum displaying the history of the Siksika people and their allies in the Blackfoot Confederacy. Learn more about the significant cultural events that took place here, including the signing of Treaty 7, and the indigenous histories of the land.  More…

Strathmore, AB

Eh Farm raises a unique Heritage breed of pig, the last breed in the world to sport a wooly fleece-like coat, the Mangalitsa. Eh Farms was the first to import the Red Mangalitsa into Canada back in 2016. This breed has been hailed the “Kobe” beef of pork. It is world-renowned for its flavourful juicy red, marbled meat and has been rated 5 stars in the charcuterie meats..   More…

Kneehill County, AB

A must-see attraction along the Highway 9 corridor with hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, Horseshoe Canyon boasts hiking trails, amazing views, day-use, and rest areas.  Horseshoe Canyon’s prime location, rugged terrain, and natural beauty draw in thousands of visitors every year.   More…

Strathmore, AB

One of very few Canadian companies to grow, malt, and brew as one to make a truly sustainable grain-to-glass experience.  Five generations of farming means their roots run deep in their community.  They grow beer!



Three Hills, AB

Travel back in time and stay in one of our lavishly furnished medieval tents at The Encampment. Fun for the whole family with a wide array of activities, Saturday night feasts, and a whole lot more.  More…

Strathmore, AB

The Rocking R Guest Ranch offers luxury bed & breakfast cabin accommodations with stunning views, captivating sunsets, star filled skies, and the opportunity to toast marshmallows over the campfire, followed by a great nights sleep in a charming cabin atop a ridge. More…

Rosebud, AB

Nestled in a valley amongst the Alberta prairies, Rosebud is a charming town full of arts, culture and prairie life. Join us for a well-deserved escape and experience the quiet warmth of small town living.  More…

Strathmore, AB

***COMING SOON***   Situated on a working sheep farm, Whispering Cedars Ranch will be launching farm stays so that guests can better understand what farm life is like while enjoying an escape from the city.  More…


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Photo: Bowen Clausen

The Wild Rose region east of Calgary is Canada’s Agricultural heartland. Community Futures Wild Rose has designed the Wild Rose Agritourism Innovation Challenge program for regional leaders in this space to partner with their neighbours and develop exciting new business clusters, and rapidly take them to market both nationally and internationally.

Wendy Gerbrandt, Community Economic Development Lead with Community Futures Wild Rose says, “Community Futures Wild Rose is excited to provide support for producers, processors, and operators to expand their operations to capitalize on emerging opportunities to grow the tourism sector and showcase our Region’s assets.”