The Alberta Small Brewers Association is excited to launch NFC tags with member breweries. Pick one up at your favourite brewery to stay up to date on what is happening in Alberta craft beer.

What is an NFC tag?

An NFC (Near-Field Communication) tag is a lot like Bluetooth, and WiFi, where it’s a wireless radio communications standard.  They’re often incorporated right into your smartphone’s circuity, and in point-of-sale systems in stores.  Think of it like Apple Pay or Google Pay, or even your debit/credit cards that are Tap enabled – that’s thanks to NFC technology!

What does the ASBA NFC tag do?

You can stick the tag to your beer fridge or wherever you will see it often. From time to time it will link to new information, from the ASBA AR app in July, to Alberta Beer Week event information and the Alberta Beer Awards in October. Simply tap your phone and you will be directed to the information.

This little tab will keep you informed and engaged with Alberta’s craft breweries.