The Alberta Small Brewers Association is launching a brand new podcast centered around topical discussions about Alberta’s craft beer industry.  All The Best: Craft Banter is officially available starting today.

ASBA’s podcast aims to provide the same educational, informational, industry insight you would expect from at their annual conference.

In upcoming podcasts, they will be speaking on quality control, market trends, local agriculture, and Association initiatives, including diversity in the industry, environmental impacts, and advocacy.

While the primary audience is likely to be ASBA members, this podcast also aims to promote the work of ASBA in increasing market share, knowledge of the field to glass story in Alberta, and to promote local breweries.

All The Best: Craft Banter is currently available on PodBean, and will also soon be available on Spotify, Apple, iheartradio, and other popular platforms.  For now, click here to listen to the first episode.