Egg Farmers of Alberta is a not-for-profit organization that was incorporated in 1968 for the purpose of providing effective promotion, control and the regulations of the marketing of eggs in Alberta. EFA is committed and proud to provide Albertans with fresh, locally produced eggs. Egg Farming is an integral part of Alberta’s agriculture sector. Egg Farmers help feed Albertans and are a vital part of many rural communities throughout the province. Egg Farmers of Alberta represents the provinces more than 170 registered egg farming families, who are dedicated to providing Albertans with a stable supply of fresh, high quality, nutritious, locally produced eggs.

The Egg Farmers of Alberta represent the 170 registered egg farmers across the province that care for over 2.7 million hens.  Those hens produced over 76.5 million dozens of eggs in 2020!

There are a variety of hens that make up the rainbow of eggs produced in Alberta, including Babcock B-300 N White, Barred Rock Brown & White, Houogen, Novogen, Rhode Island Red, Sigma, Tetra, Dekalb, Bovan, Shaver, Hy-Line, Babcock, H&N, ISA, Lohmann, and Lohmann LSL.  

Every year, Canadian farming families produce over 9 billion eggs for Canadians to enjoy. Egg farming is a force in our national economy that directly affects Canada’s urban and rural communities.  It adds $1.3 Billion to Canada’s GDP, with $460 Million of that coming from Ontario.

 Source: Egg Farmers of Canada