Crooked Lake Farm is located southeast of Edmonton. The family raises Angus-cross cattle on grass land. The land was homesteaded in 1905 and was purchased by the Burkhardt family in 1915 and has remained in the family ever since.

AOTP: How did you get into ranching?
JB: I grew up in the Midwest of the US on different farms my dad worked on, and he eventually purchased our own hog, corn & soybean farm. I was involved with 4H & FFA. My family moved to Montana to start cattle ranching when I was a teen. I had a passion for cattle and pursued a BSc in Range Science (cattle grazing) from Montana State University. While I was at university I met my husband, Kelly, who also has the same degree. After we were married in 2003, we moved back to his family’s farm. This is where the history begins…

The Burkhardt’s settled north of Gwynne in 1901. Kelly’s great-great grandfather homesteaded 1/2 mile north of the farm today (and is still owned by family). Our quarter was purchased in 1918 and has stayed in the family ever since. Both Kelly & I quit our full-time jobs to farm full time 10 years ago. We started with 60 head of cattle & 800 acres. Now we have 150 head of cattle & 2500 acres.

AOTP: What does your operation look like now?
JB: We have a mixed farm. We raise wheat, malt barley, oats, canola, and forages for our cattle (hay & grazing corn). We raise commercial Hereford x Angus cattle & started raising our own purebred Hereford & angus for our breeding stock. We also have a micro-feedlot where we grass finish our own cattle for butcher.

AOTP: How many heads of cattle do you have?
150 head of mother cows & roughly 100 head in our feedlot. Fun fact: 3 of our purebred Hereford cows come from Haida Gwaii, BC. They had an 8 hour ferry ride before a 16 hour ride across BC to come to our farm!

AOTP: What is your favourite memory as a rancher?
I have lots of memories showing cattle in 4H. My favourite season on the farm is calving season.

AOTP: What products do you have for sale?
We carry a variety of common butcher cuts. Steak, roasts, ground beef.

AOTP: How can people purchase your products?
We deliver to Edmonton, and sell at a retail location in St Albert (Grapevine Deli). Phone or email or contact us on Facebook. We currently sell mostly to Edmonton, but would be willing to work with restaurants in other areas of Alberta.