Dylan Robinson
Oat Grower
Peter Melnyk Farms Ltd.
Thorhild County, AB

Dylan Robinson grew up coming out to his grandparent’s farm on weekends and summers growing up and developed a passion for agriculture as soon as he could walk. As he grew up and was able to take on more responsibilities, Dylan became more involved in the farm. Following high school, he took a year off and began expanding the family farm. Attended the University of Alberta for Crop Sciences where he was heavily involved in the Agriculture Club as well as FarmHouse Fraternity. Following University, Dylan worked in the industry while farming. Became the Chair of the Alberta Oat Growers Commission this past January.

What does your farm look like now?

“Currently we are farming around 1300 acres of Oats, Peas, Hard Red Wheat, and Canola. I farm alongside my grandpa full time and receive support and help from my fiancé, parents, and brother when their work schedules allow.”

How can restaurants and/or consumers get your product?

“By contacting myself directly. I can assist in finding end products that were sourced from local producers such as myself. For raw products, arrangements could be made on farm.”

What is one thing that you want others to know about farming?

“Farming has come a long way in many aspects. Technological advances in equipment, plant breeding, and growing practices have made modern farms more sustainable and efficient. Farmers take extreme pride in producing safe and healthy food for not only the world, but their own families as well. If the general public ever has a question about how their food is produced the best people to answer the questions is the farmers themselves. At the end of the day, we as farmers are consumers of our own finished products in the exact same capacity as the rest of the world.”

What is a favourite memory as a farmer?

“Many memories to choose from, however I would say my favourite memories revolve around harvest and having the whole family involved in different capacities. Can make for some very funny moments throughout the season.”