Tucked away on a township road just east of Bowden, Alberta, is MGM Cattle Company, a family-run cow and calf operation led by Garnet and Meghan Marshall.

AOTP: How did you get into farming?
Garnet, a third-generation rancher, was born looking after cattle.  From feeding to roping to calving cows, his years of experience have their cattle company growing to over 1000 head of cattle, as well as 20 horses (and three working dogs).  His parents, who own the Marshall Feed Lot only a few miles away, are their inspiration and are extremely supportive.  (Garnet still helps out at the feed lot every morning.)  Working every day alongside their family really makes the agricultural lifestyle special to them and passing that knowledge on to their children.

AOTP: What does your operation look like now?
 Right now we have over 1000 head of cattle, just under 20 horses, and 3 working dogs.  We also grain farm about 800 acres with Garnet’s brother’s family.

AOTP: What is a favourite memory as a farmer?
MGM: Every calving season brings new favourite memories.  Every year involves learning and growing the more head you calve. Involving our girls has made the best memories.

AOTP: What products do you sell?
MGM: Beef always.

AOTP: What is one thing that you want others to know about cattle ranching?
MGM: Farming and ranching offers a wonderful lifestyle to live, but endless challenges and responsibilities.  You have bad days, but you have the best days also watching calves grow, and teaching your children the importance of looking after livestock.