With 15 years’ experience in the food service industry, Micro Acres owners David & Kirstin Barchard have always had the privilege of serving others amazingly fresh and local products. However, food costs for local products have gone up over the years and they want to change that. Together they desire to take that same service and attention and apply it to an incredible product that is local, healthy and fresh 365 days a year that can be delivered to tables and restaurants within hours of harvest. 

AOTP: How did Micro Acres come to be?
We have been in operation 4 years. What makes us different is our love for food and the culinary process. I have had the privilege of working in the food industry for years and we wanted to create a farm that would service the industry past just delivering the product requested. We want to change the culinary scene by bringing the best product in the country 365 days a year to our local scene without the inflated cost so often attributed to local produce.

AOTP: What does your operation look like now?
We operate out of a 3000- sq ft commercial location servicing local restaurants, grocery stores, farmers markets, distributors and direct to sales consumers throughout Alberta.

AOTP: What is a favourite memory you have as a farmer?
MA: When we look a container of pea shoots to a family and we heard that their kids don’t gravitate to green produce but their children asked when the micro delivery was coming so they could add it to their lunch.

AOTP: What products do you sell?
MA: We service over 35 different microgreens and micro herbs. We are also beginning production of year round edible flowers.

AOTP: How can restaurants and consumers purchase your products?
MA: They can reach out to us directly as we deliver directly – www.microacres.ca.  If they are outside of the Calgary area, they can order through Pratts or World Wide Food.