NuLeaf Farms is an indoor vertical farming technology company on a mission: to make healthy, locally-grown foods accessible to all local Canadian communities 365 days a year.

AOTP: How did you get into farming?
On a brisk October day in 2016, three Calgarians came together with a common goal in mind, to use their experience in automation, energy, and agriculture to contribute to building a sustainable food future. It was on that day NuLeaf Farms began to take root. Merging plant science and automation with sustainable process design, the team began developing a solution to net-zero vertical farming for use in urban and remote communities. Turning warehouse space into highly efficient, year-round farms, growing fresh food, and local jobs to feed local restaurants, grocers, and communities.

AOTP: What does your operation look like now?
After several years of research, engineering, and prototyping starting in late 2019, NuLeaf began to build our first commercial vertical farm in South East Calgary. By late 2020 our state-of-the-art indoor farm was complete. Since that time, we have specialized in growing an assortment of herbs and leafy greens. Our crops are free of pesticides and use a fraction of the land, water, and GHG’s while eliminating food waste and extending shelf life for customers.

AOTP: What is a favourite memory as a farmer?
NLF: The best part of operating an urban indoor farm in Calgary has got to be interacting with the customers and supporters of our business. Showcasing our “Made In Alberta” technology and how it provides local jobs, food security, and spurs innovation while growing sustainable food leads to many great conversations and ideas with other Calgarians. It is these ideas that create opportunities and is how NuLeaf Farms is Growing Tomorrow’s Future Today!

AOTP: What products do you sell?
NLF: Basil, Mint, Kale, Swiss Chard, Spicy greens.

AOTP: How can restaurants and consumers purchase your products?
NLF: Currently, our products are available for purchase at several Calgary retailers. Restaurants and caters can purchase directly from the farm with crops being harvested and delivered the same day to ensure the highest quality and longer shelf life.