At Paradis Valley Honey, they are proud and grateful to carry on the family tradition, while using innovation and creativity to bring you and your family honey products for generations to come.

AOTP: How did you get into beekeeping?
GP: Paradis Valley Honey has an extensive multi-generational and credible history in the beekeeping industry.  Danny was born into a long line of beekeepers — seven generations to be exact. His great-grandfather, Ulric Paradis, owned honey bees in St. Hughes, Quebec, and had four sons; all of them became beekeepers. In the ’50s, Danny’s grandfather, Charles, decided to load his beehives on a train & transport them out west to the small town of Girouxville, Alberta.

Danny’s grandfather was able to successfully maintain healthy colonies in northern Alberta; he steadily grew his business and encouraged his family to continue in the beekeeping industry. His enterprise came to be known as Paradis and Son.  In fact, Charles Paradis was the first in Canada to fly bees from California to northern Alberta to replace winter losses — a strategy that is now widely used amongst Canadian beekeepers who struggle with harsh winters. Innovation, creativity, and calculated risk were qualities that made Charles the successful beekeeper he was — truly a pioneer in growing the vision for beekeepers today.

Danny and I purchased our own bee operation in 2003, as Danny was very passionate about both the bees and keeping the family tradition alive. He brings to the hive several generations of experience, including his own hands-on work with his father.

AOTP: What does your operation look like now?
GP: We care for up to 3500 bee colonies and provide raw honey and bee pollen to our consumers the way mother nature intended. Straight from the hive to your table without any alterations or processing. We offer online sales, fundraisers where people earn 40% of their sales across Canada. Visitors can also now explore the world of bees by exploring in our on-site café which boasts an observation window into the extracting facility, an observation bee hive and plenty of treats. 

AOTP: What is your favourite memory as a beekeeper?
GP: Our favourites are all of the memories we are building with our kids working along side us. It’s a true blessing.

AOTP: What products do you currently sell?
We currently sell raw honey and bee pollen, as well as our Well-BEEing body product line which includes soap, body wash, deodorant, candles, body scrub, lip balm and lotion.  

AOTP: How can people purchase your products?
Online (we ship across Canada!), through fundraisers and in our store. Along with a few other locations:
Country Charm Store Eaglesham
Dolly’s Eaglesham
The glow collective
Grande Prairie Coffee Company
Go health Grande Prairie
Health Fitters Lacombe
Visser Greenhouses Edmonton
Grande Prairie Tourism Center Gift Shop