5210 – 51 Avenue
Camrose, AB

The Lefse House is a Scandinavian bakery in downtown Camrose, producing authentic lefse, flabread, rosettes, fattigmann and krumkake, and more.

AOTP: How did the bakery come to be?
The Lefse House is located in beautiful downtown Camrose, Alberta.  It was originally established in 1989 by Scandinavian entrepreneur, Helen Lien.  In June 2002, Bernell Odegard bought the bakery and continued the wholesome and authentic baking, using all-natural ingredients with no additives.  

AOTP: What does your operation look like now?
Together with his wife Linda, daughter, Jane, and many long-time staff members, the shop produces favourite items from Scandinavian recipes including lefse, flatbread, rosettes, fattigmann and krumkake. 

Being of Norwegian heritage, Bernell serves strong, tasty Norwegian coffee. The Lefse House has become a favourite spot for lunch and coffee breaks. We offer a little taste of Scandinavia from our Scandinavian lunch menu to our Scandinavian sweets.  Danish kringle and sandbakkles with real lemon butter are favourites. 

Wanting to preserve and promote the Scandinavian culture, The Lefse House includes a gift area which proudly displays cultural gifts and personal items typical of the Scandinavian countries.  From Norwegian rosemaling and traditional baking equipment to books of Scandinavian humour, there is lots from which to choose a gift or a memorable present for special occasions, or to liven up a gathering with some Scandinavian humour or novelty items.

AOTP: What products do you sell?
LH: Scandinavian baked goods like lefse, flatbreads, rosettes, fattigmann and krumkake, as well as lunches and other goods from our café.

AOTP: How can restaurants and consumers purchase your products?
LH: The Lefse House has been built on providing soft savoury lefse to all of our customers. We make our products available at select Sobeys, Co-ops, and other delicatessens around Alberta. See our listings of locations for more details.

We have been recognized by the Norwegian Embassy of Canada for preserving our heritage as well as many other Scandinavian organizations throughout Alberta. We have even shipped a gift item or two to Norway. We ship our products from coast to coast during the holiday season and are always looking at different opportunities to share the love of lefse! Recently we were featured in the Westjet magazine as a “top trending Nordic Flavours” bakery, along with other bakeries from New York City, Los Angeles, Portland and Toronto. What an honour it is to stand with other Scandinavian counterparts!

Come and join us! The coffee is always on!