Edmonton, AB

Vitaliteas creates and sells natural and organic tea blends in Edmonton.  Their whole-leaf tea blends and spicy chai mixes are made 100% locally with health and wellness in mind. They use the best possible natural and organic ingredients, and source Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) certified ingredients wherever possible.

AOTP: How did Vitaliteas come to be?
Fanta Camara, Founder of Vitaliteas, is a local tea entrepreneur. She believes that your tea should make you feel good. That’s why she makes healthy, natural blends she’d only drink herself. Her line of teas and spicy chai mixes are manufactured 100% in Edmonton, with health and wellness in mind. Their organic herbs used in some of our blends are grown in a beautiful farm on the banks of the Pembina River in central Alberta.   

AOTP: What does your operation look like now?
We use a tea packaging equipment to manufacture individually wrapped single-serve teabags.

AOTP: What is a favourite memory you have as a tea maker?
V: In 2018, when we started manufacturing our line of teas, we decided to no longer have teabags with strings and tags. What we discovered is that teabags with tags and strings only do one thing – produce unnecessary waste. Consumers love the convenience of teabags, however there is growing concern over the amount of resources being needlessly used and wasted because of the inclusion of tags and strings. By opting for the “No-strings-attached Teabag”, we were be able to save thousands of pounds of waste from entering landfills every year.
Our goal was to have a smaller environmental footprint and help the planet, one cup at a time. We are now happy to say that we have completed the transition to our No-strings-attached Teabag.

AOTP: What products do you sell?
V: A line of teas and chai mixes that are 100% manufactured in Edmonton.

AOTP: How can restaurants and consumers purchase your products?
V: Foodservice can purchase at www.syscoedmonton.ca and www.galimaxtrading.com. Consumers can purchase at www.vitaliteas.ca