Janna and Ryan Greir wanted to pursue a passion for farming that started at a young age, and decided to raise sheep because of their small size and gentle nature. Whispering Cedars Ranch was established in 2012 and currently sits on 93 acres near Strathmore, Alberta. Working together to grow their flock has provided Janna and Ryan with a rewarding adventure.


AOTP: How did you get into farming?
We wanted to pursue a passion for
farming that started at a young age. Although neither of us grew up on a large
farm, we were exposed to agriculture. Whispering Cedars Ranch was established in
2012 out of a love for the land and a dream that as we grew our ranch, we would
also grow a family. Janna holds a Bachelor of Nursing, is a certified Alberta Pasteurizer,
and attends food science courses through the University of Guelph. Ryan is a
Powerline Technician and took Rural Finance and Entrepreneurship at Olds


AOTP: What does your operation look like now?
 Our farm now has over 300
Purebred Rideau Arcott sheep and continues to grow each year. We have been
learning and utilizing different methods of managed grazing over the past
several years on our ranch and will be using our sheep and applying these
practices in 2022 to assist with vegetation management on solar installations. In
addition, we are adding a sheep dairy enterprise in 2023.


AOTP: What is a favourite memory as a farmer?
WCR: Getting to involve our children on
the farm creates new memories for us each day. We get the opportunity to teach
them all about animal husbandry and environmental stewardship while allowing
them to get their hands dirty.


AOTP: What products do you sell?
WCR: Half and whole boxed lamb, Future sheep dairy products.


AOTP: How can restaurants and consumers purchase your products?
WCR: Consumers can contact us via telephone,
email, or social media. Our product can be picked up from our farm (we welcome
farm tours). Both by appointment only. 
Restaurant owners can also contact us directly
to discuss options and wholesale pricing. 
We have partnered with Country Lane Farms for
pickup in Calgary, Chestermere, and Canmore.


AOTP: What is one thing that you want others to know about lamb producing?
WCR: We love to hear back from our customers, good, bad, or ugly. Farming is a 24/7/365 commitment, and we take pride in caring for our animals, improving our land and environment, and offering a quality product to consumers that comes from that process.