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Participant FAQs

Alberta on the Plate is open to all types of restaurants and food service operators across the province interested in celebrating the incredible bounty of locally farmed, raised, and processed ingredients.  This includes:

  • Fine dining
  • Fast casual
  • Cafés
  • Pubs/Lounges
  • Delis
  • Caterers
  • Food Trucks
  • Breweries/Distilleries

Not sure if you fit?  Contact us!

In order to participate, a restaurant (or food service provider) must meet these minimum requirements:

  • The establishment is in Alberta.
  • The establishment is in good standing with Alberta Health Services.
  • The establishment uses local ingredients on the menu throughout the year OR is interested in starting to use local products.
  • The establishment is committed to offering at least one (1) of the fixed-price menu options for the festival period.

There is no cost to participate; however, we do ask that you contribute a gift certificate to be used for giveaways and/or media.  Recommended amounts are as follows:

Restaurants – $50
Breweries & Quick Service – $25

You can pick from our list of options for whichever best suits your needs, and however many you want to offer.  Each menu must include at least THREE local producers/farms, as well as a recommended local beer/cocktail/mead/fruit wine (not included in pricing). 
Restaurant Options:
Single Dish – up to $25
Standard (2-courses) – $35 or $45
Gourmet (3+ courses) – $65 or $75
Kids Menu – Restaurant sets price
Quick Service (1 course/combo deal) – restaurant sets price up to $20
Drink + local snack – you set the price
Multi-course menu – see Restaurant Options above
Think about this like a daily special that you just run for 10 days. 
You can absolutely use existing dishes to build your menus; however, something new is always a great way to encourage people to come back that haven’t visited in awhile! 

Absolutely! If you don’t have your own food, we highly recommend working with a local processor, food truck or restaurant to fulfil the food requirement. Don’t have a local partner? We can help!

We’ve added new options specifically for beverage producers that include:

Signature Alberta-inspired brew/cocktail/flight – you set the price
Drink + local snack/dish – you set the price
Multi-course menu – see Restaurant Options above in Question 4.

We love all cultural influences and cuisines!  As long as your menu(s) have at least 3 local ingredients included, you are good to go! 

Alberta itself is made up of so many different cultures, we are thrilled to have a similar variety represented on the plates as well.

Nope! However, we do encourage you to add a recommended non-alcoholic local beverage, such as a craft soda, juice, tea, etc. 

Looking for a local non-alcoholic beverage supplier? We can help!

We can help! After registration closes, all of our participants will receive a copy of our Alberta Ingredient Database that features local farms and producers who are interested in working with restaurants. 

We will also be hosting a virtual networking session with accompanying tasting box where you can get to know some of the fantastic local farms and producers.

Looking for something specific? Let us know and we will do our best to find you a great local source.

We know that not every establishment is open 7 days a week, and that’s OK!  You just need to commit to being open at least 6 days of the 10 where guests can enjoy your festival offerings.  

Don’t forget to let us know when you will be closed so that we can let our festival goers know!

Next Steps:

  1. Sign your Restaurant Agreement and return along with the requested items (for new establishments).
  2. Mail (or email) your gift certificate.
  3. Start your menu planning using our Menu Planning Template.  Menus are due July 29.
  4. Add Alberta on the Plate into your social strategy to help spread the word! Need some ideas of what to post? Check our Planning Support.
  5. Engage and interact with us on Facebook & Instagram to make this the best Alberta on the Plate ever!

Ready to register?

For those who have never participated before.  Not sure? Check our Restaurant Alumni. If you don’t see your logo, this is the button for you!

Breweries/Distilleries: Use this form only if you want to have a festival offering at your establishment.  If you want to be included as a preferred pairing, please fill out the Alberta Ingredient Database form here.

For those who have joined us in previous years.  Not sure? Check our Restaurant Alumni. If you see your logo, this is the button for you!

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