#2106, 100 Horse Creek Road,

Menu Available: Dinner

Course 1

Yak – Jhol Momos
Aama’s Jhol Sauce, Chili chutney

Course 2

Slow Braised Yak Short Ribs
Poleko Aloo (Charred Potato), Garlic wilted greens, Braised Jus

Recommended Pairings: 
Rocky View Brewing IPA – $9.50
Timmur MuleEau Claire Gin infused with Nepalese Timmur Spice – $17


Featured Producers:

Established in 2022. It all started when Chef Gyanendra, popularly known as Chef G, found himself pacing the walls of his home in northeast Calgary during the COVID-19 lockdown. Suddenly, he found lots of time to talk to his family back in Nepal thanks to the social media and video chat technology of today’s digital era. He started re-creating his mom’s recipes with the help of his elder sister, who brought him up after his mom’s passing at a very young age. He started curating a menu that not only serves the most authentic flavours, but also carries symbolism of Nepalese culture. Tara Poudel, wife to Chef G and an expert in banking and finance, laid out the blueprint to bring “Aama Nepalese Cuisine” to life.
For the name, they chose Aama Nepalese Cuisine in honor of Chef G’s beloved late mother, where “Aama” means mother. Through their food, they hope to share their story, culture, and values. The three key values they are building at Aama Nepalese Cuisine are reverence, service, and gratitude.

chef gyanendra sharmaChef Gyanendra, fondly know as Chef G, is a highly experienced culinary professional with 19+ years in the food industry with extensive culinary knowledge. He loves keeping up and challenging himself with new food trends in the culinary industry. He is an avid supporter of locally sourced produce and therefore you will always find him strolling up and down the aisles of local farmers market, butchery shops. Chef G grew up with his family in a remote town  Eastern Nepal and is now based in Calgary.

Chef G’s wanderlust and love for food has taken him all over the world where he pursued his Culinary Diploma in Vienna, Austria and has worked in several cities in Europe. Chef G is a born leader and inspired culinary professionals in multinational hotel chains such as, the Hyatt Regency, Hilton Hotels, Fairmont Hotels, Marriott Hotels and Millennium Hotels. During his spare time, you will find him playing with his two kids, helping his wife with his wife with chores and exploring the local market, and the Rockies.

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