Boulevard Restaurant and Lounge is located in Red Deer, Alberta and is home to Chef Emmaneul David. Chef Emmaneul is well-known for his impressive culinary career – some of his highlights include preparing a state dinner for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, opening his own restaurant in west Edmonton and participating in top-level international culinary competitions for both Culinary Team Canada and Culinary Team Alberta. Chef Emmanuel and his team bring incredible flavour and dishes to Boulevard and are avid supporters of local farmers and producers.

“We try to keep as much local product in our food preparation. We believe in supporting local.” says T.J Paigude, Boulevard Manager. The restaurant works with a number of craft breweries such as Troubled Monk, Hell’s Basement, and seasonal beers from Olds College. As for distilleries, they work with Prairie Sentinel vodka which, rumor has it, there will be a Pickled Alberta Vodka Caesar as their suggested cocktail pairing on their Alberta On The Plate menu.

“We try to carry at least five local lines of breweries and distilleries at Boulevard,” adds T.J.

Boulevard is what you call a “green” restaurant according to Chef Emmaneul – they grow a lot of local herbs and flowers and source their meat locally. For their Alberta on the Plate menu they’ll be featuring Rock Ridge Dairy, Broxburn Vegetables, Twisted Horseshoe Grub. Co, Rogers Farms and more.

“Ever since the beginning we’ve tried to source our product locally, it’s a big part of what we do here at Boulevard. For example, all of our berries are from BillyCo Junction in Lacombe,” says Chef Emmanuel. BillyCo’s honeyberries, sea buckthorn berries, and black, white and red currants will be featured on their dessert for their 3-course, fixed-priced menu and we can’t wait!