By the Bourbon Brothers Ice Cream
& Gypsy Girl Pizza

Food Trucks
Medicine Hat

Wood-fired chicken wings
Hell’s Basement Raspberry Fruitbat infused balsamic vinegar

The Flaming Pizza 
Capicolli and bacon from Premium Sausage  |  Genoa salami  |  Banana peppers   |  Hot Honey made in collaboration with Sweet Pure Honey & by the Bourbon Brothers

Marshmallow Porter S’mores Ice Cream
A campfire inspired ice cream created with Field & Forge featuring a graham cracker ice cream with swirls of chocolate and marshmallow porter. 

Featured Alberta Farms & Producers:

By the Bourbon Brothers was founded in 2018 as a Small Batch creamery focused on making alcohol infused ice creams. Turning their favourite cocktails and drinks into what are now called After Hours ice creams opened the door for the Bourbon Brothers to work with the amazing local breweries and distillery in Medicine Hat.

In 2021, By the Bourbon Brothers expanded and began work on their second passion…PIZZA and opened up Medicine Hat’s first wood-fired food truck, Gypsy Girl By the Bourbon Brothers. While creating new-traditional pizza bassa, the Bourbon Brothers were able to find another way to work with local ingredients by building relationships with butchers, bakers and cheese makers.