340 – 17 Avenue SW,

$35 Dinner

Marinated & Seared Paneer with CTBD corn & red pepper chaat, achari Greidanus honey

Begon Doi – Grilled Mans Organic eggplant, Bengali spiced Vital Greens yogurt curry with charred A1 Bodega sourdough 


Recommended Pairings

Craft Beer: Cabin Brewing Mishti Tamarind Mango Sour – $10

Cocktail: “That’s so sappy” – Mastic White Negroni with Last Best Distillery AfterGlow Gin – $15

Calcutta Cricket Club is a fun & lively Indian restaurant and bar that draws inspiration from the cosmopolitan nature & cuisine of West Bengal. Past our doors you’ll find a quirky & colourful decor cheekily described by our designer as a 1960’s Indian social club meets The Golden Girls.