813 – 1 Avenue NE, Calgary
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“The culinary landscape in Calgary is changing. There’s a push toward creative spaces, playful concepts, and inventive menus – and Cannibale follows suit,” praises National Geographic. This is one of many accolades and positive testimonials spoken about Cannibale. Cannibale is a unique cocktail bar in the community of Bridgeland which also has an award-winning barber shop. Shave, a cocktail and some fine food!

Chef Nate Novick took over as the Chef at Cannibale in August 2017. Chef graduated from SAIT and worked for Chef Cam Dobranski who started the Brasserie Kensington, a Canadian brasserie inspired by local ingredients. After a five-month stint working in China, Nate says, “It opened his eyes to food service around the world.”

Cannibale focuses the menu heavily on supporting local, as the restaurant wants to keep the business as local and community-focused as possible.

“That’s been a focus on my menu – trying to work with as many local producers and suppliers and being a part of the community in Bridgeland. Currently we use Brant Lake Wagyu and have been working with a farm collective called Galimax Trading for a couple of years, they bring to market a lot of smaller farmers and producers in Southern Alberta,” says Novick.

As for local breweries and distilleries, being a cocktail bar, Cannibale tries to use as much local product as possible.

“We’re closely affiliated and good friends with Inner City, Eighty-Eight Brewing, Ol’Beautiful and a lot of the local Calgary craft breweries,” says Novick. In fact they have two upcoming events with Ol’Beautiful, a pop-up bar and barber, and a “Pride Ride” in support of Calgary Pride.

Expect to see a number of local products on their Alberta On The Plate menu as well as some curated cocktail pairing suggestions – they have an impression amount of accolades for good reason!