10166 – 100A Street NW,

Developed by Elisa Zenari, Ran Huget, and Giancarlo Zenari, Dalla Tavola Zenari is a warm, authentically Italian atmosphere in the heart of downtown Edmonton. Surrounded by the lights of Rice Howard Way, Dalla is the perfect spot for friends and family to meet, eat, drink, and enjoy the good life.


In 1984, Glenda Zenari opened the doors of a small kitchenware store with big ambitions. Zenari’s was the first place where you could buy high-end kitchenware and a cappuccino from the same counter. In the early 90s, Adriano joined his wife in business and brought with him his love of Italian food and wine, expanding Zenari’s into a wine bar and deli serving classic Italian favourites to the downtown community for nearly 30 years.

As Adriano and Glenda’s children Elisa and Giancarlo took the helm of the restaurant, the menu focused again on traditional Italian high quality small plates, pasta, and salads, laying the groundwork for what would become Dalla Tavola Zenari – from the Zenari table.

Zenari’s closed its doors permanently in 2019.