At the confluence of then and now, a seasonal regional culinary exploration – in the dining room, library, bar and gardens. Experience Lunch, dinner and a weekend brunch. An inspired restaurant and bar in a spectacular setting on the banks of two rivers in the heart of Calgary. Surrounded by beautiful greenery, Deane House is a series of gorgeously decorated rooms, each with its own distinct character. Proprietor Sal Howell, founder of the iconic River Café and long-time champion of seasonal, local, and sustainable food has carefully curated the details. Chef John Beddoes connects daily with local farmers and ranchers, and his menu features an ever-changing array of items from the on-site culinary garden; it is a thoroughly contemporary celebration of Canadian regional cuisine.

chef john beddoesJohn Beddoes was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, with a passion for culinary. John graduated from Vancouver Community College obtaining his Red Seal Certificate in 2011.

John started his cooking career at the national award-winning The Pear Tree Restaurant in Vancouver, where he would spend the next 3 years. He moved to Calgary to grow his culinary expertise leading the kitchen teams at Calgary’s acclaimed Notable (2017-2020) and Model Milk (2021-2022) restaurants. John has been Sous Chef at Deane House Restaurant for the past two years and took over as the Executive Chef position in January 2024.

John has always had a passion for local, seasonal food and has strong connections with the Alberta farming community, utilizing the best possible seasonal ingredients. At Deane House, John and the entire kitchen and service teams make very deliberate choices about how they source, prepare and serve the food. They make conscious decisions on how they operate. Eliminating bottled water, reducing energy consumption and water use, reusing materials, recycling and composting, are just some of the ways they lessen their impact on the environment. John is constantly reviewing practices and innovating ways to further reduce Deane House’s footprint, and to contribute to a healthy community within which to live and work.

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