Roasted Chorizo stuffed sweet bell peppers  |  Smokey Romesco Sauce  |  Grana Pandano cheese  |  Extra virgin olive oil

Broxburn Farm Pomodoro and Seafood Linguine
Fresh San Marzano tomato & white wine sauce  |  Baby clams  |  Bay Scallops  |  Halibut  |  Micro Basil

Recommended Pairings:
Canmore Brewing Outsider Cider – $12.50
“Cucumber Basil Smash” made with Wild Life Distillery Blackberry Gin, muddled cucumber and basil, mint simple syrup, lemon juice, splash of 7Up – $15


Featured Alberta Farms & Producers:

The Evergreen Restaurant serves Canadian cuisine with an emphasis on regional ingredients.  The Executive Chef, Max Charbonneau and his culinary team take great pride in creating dishes with locally sourced ingredients to highlight the flavors of Alberta. All of our beef and elk is sourced from Alberta, the always fresh vegetables are often from local farms and almost everything served is made in house to enhance the dining experience.