121 Edmonton Trail SE,

$25 Lunch

Caesar Salad

Montrealer Pizza Flatbread with Alberta cheese


$65 Gourmet Dinner

Caesar Salad

Penne Romanoff with rosé vodka sauce

Scalloppini Marsala with Highline mushrooms, marsala wine, demi-glace, served with vegetables


Recommended Pairings

Craft Beer: Fitzsimmons Brewing

Cocktail: Alberta Rye Manhattan

Ferraro hospitality is in the details.

It is an ensemble of gestures that define a way of life.

The table is where your journey begins……

Chef Manny’s culinary cuisine is a cohesion of ideas, techniques and cultures. It is not mathematical; it is emotional and passionate. By staying true to Ferraro roots, our home is in our heart – we welcome you to our home!

The daily life of Manny’s work is as a craftsman of good taste. With little to no repetition, every dish comes from the creativity that he transfers. The right balance of family tradition, personal experience and creativity enhances the aromas, flavour and quality of your experience.

Part of the Ferraro philosophy is to introduce your palate to new and exciting flavours, come join Chef Manny and Nyla for a unique dining event!

True to its title, you will experience the satisfaction of eating a simple pizza or the finest Italian cuisine. Our flours are exclusively from Italy, with either gluten free or non gluten available. To perfect the gluten free pasta and pizza it took Chef Manny over two years. Come check us our for a memorable dining experience.