Within their first couple of months of opening, London Local’s burger got number 18 in the top things to eat in the City in The Tomato. London Local is a casual, buzzy, locally owned restaurant by Chef Lindsay Porter and Evonne Li. The menu is rooted with English and Irish inspiration, with a fusion of full flavored local indigenous ingredients.

Over a decade ago, Lindsay and Evonne came together over a bond of appreciating good food. After years of collaborating, following Culinary Arts school, Chef Lindsay Porter and Owner Evonne Li decided to open an independent restaurant, combining Lindsay’s English heritage and award-winning creative cooking skills, along with Evonne’s extensive experience with front of house and human resources. The result is a space that is contemporary, rustic, and comfortable, while still focusing on the most important aspect – delicious food.

Although the restaurant is English inspired, Porter says she’s developed a style of cooking through places she’s traveled, she loves to do Southern cooking which you’ll see highlighted on some of the menu items. Speaking of menu items, London Local has strong relationships with local farmers, producers, distilleries and breweries – they pride themselves off serving all Alberta beef and all Alberta lamb.

Not only does the restaurant have an impressive list of awards, Chef Porter is Canada’s first female Chef to appear and win on Guy’s Grocery Games. One of Porter’s proudest moments was being on Food Networks Fire Master’s – in which Chefs push their grilling talents to the limit as they battle in fiery culinary challenges.