510 – 17 Avenue SW,





(Vegetarian & GF available)

Marinated Melon & Tomato Salad
Fish Sauce Vinaigrette  |  Fried Shallot  |  Thai Basil
Cured Alberta Trout
Smashed Cucumber  |  Spring Onion  |  Sesame Buttermilk  |  Nori  |  Basil

“Chicken Fried” Broccolini
Thai Curry  |  Crème Fraiche  |  Spiced Flatbread  |  Rice  |  Cilantro
Alberta Chicken “Presse”
Chili Dressing  |  Charred Green Beans  |  Toasted Peanut  |  Mint

Roasted Corn Pudding
Saskatoon Berry  |  Condensed Milk  |  Lime Granita

Recommended Pairings:
Fahr Beer Hefeweizen – $8
“Look Out Below” – A tart and floral slice of summer made with Last Best Afterglow Gin, lavender, grapefruit, five spice and sweet plum sake – $15

Featured Alberta Farms & Producers:

Lulu Bar is an escape from the ordinary. Its welcoming vibe is reminiscent of hidden gems from your last vacation, only better because it’s right here in your own backyard. With a healthy, Pacific-inspired menu, Lulu’s wood-fired food is light and fresh — but heavy on flavour. Chef Joseph Sokoloff’s fare is a tribute to the Pacific Ocean and many of the regions that touch it, with influences from Asia to Hawaii, California to British Columbia. Lulu’s fun, light, and refreshing drink menu is equally well-travelled. Its sake, beer, and creative cocktail offerings will make you feel like you’re far from home — and we like that.