308 – 17 Avenue SW,

Built around a series of conversations amongst ourselves, the first thing we did was throw out all checklists, pre-conceptions and rules that govern what a “good” restaurant ought to be. Instead, we focused on things we all love about restaurants and what we loved about this amazing space. During this process we feel like friendships have been forged and a wonderful old space has been given new purpose and a new life. We start by asking ourselves: what do we want to eat today, rather than what do we want to cook today? The former satisfies the belly, the latter only the ego. We created a restaurant where you can experience food that is both classic and original, both innovative and comforting.

chef merritt gordon

A graduate of SAIT’s professional cooking program, Merritt has worked for an eclectic mix of chefs and restaurants both at home in Canada and abroad. He currently oversees the kitchens at Model Milk and Pigeonhole.

What made you want to be a chef?

“Some of my best memories come from sitting around a dinner table with family and friends. Getting to curate those moments for others is a gratifying way to spend one’s day.”

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