Stephen Avenue
100 – 8 Avenue SE
, Calgary

107 – 10a Street NW
, Calgary

Modern Steak and proprietor Stephen Deere have built their business around taking beef very seriously. The restaurant serves 100-per cent Alberta ranch-specific beef and even owns their own bull managed by Benchmark Angus in Warner, Alberta.

“We only serve ranch specific Alberta Beef. That means we don’t serve beef from anywhere else on the planet. We know our farmers and ranchers personally and respect the hard work they put into producing our beef. We like our beef to be hormone and antibiotic free and pasture raised. Happy cattle make for better steaks,” says Stephen Deere, Owner, Modern Steak.

Under the leadership of Stephen Deere, Modern Steak offers a rotating menu that focuses on local, seasonal and organic ingredients to create inventive dishes that reflect evolving culinary trends, coupled with an experience and atmosphere you will not forget.

“We are the only steakhouse to own its own prize winning Black Angus Bull with Benchmark Angus, we guarantee Prime Grade Alberta Beef at our restaurants,” says Deere.

Modern Steak also opened a second location on the second floor of the downtown Hyatt Regency Hotel and Bar Modern on the main floor, which offers a more casual lounge experience.