25 Prince’s Island Park SW, Calgary

Voted as one of Canada’s most Scenic Restaurants, River Cafe is located on the beautiful Prince’s Island Park. Their culinary focus stems from a deep respect for the ingredients. The team is dedicated to sourcing the best tasting local ingredient in season. They connect directly with growers and producers at their farms, gardens and ranches, and carefully choose those purveyors who are responsible stewards of the land.

For their AB On The Plate menu, expect pasture raised pork, Broek Pork is top quality with marbling, moisture and tenderness; Two Pines Farms Honey Choux and more. As for their craft beverage pairings, River Cafe works closely with Wild Rose Brewery and Eau Claire Distillery.

River Cafe is no stranger to awards and accolades and has an impressive list, which is also showcased on their website. The restaurant is an advocate for green practices and landed a spot on Canada’s 100 Best list in 2018 as Most Eco Friendly Restaurant and Canada’s Greenest Restaurant on the 2019 Leaf Awards.

Both River Cafe and Chef Matthias Fong share the philosophy of real food, sustainable food, food that gives back to the land, and food that is local.