Galimax Cucumber & Tomato Cold Noodle Soup
Mini cucumbers  |  Grape tomatoes  |  Wakame  |  Mustard oil  |  Sesame  |  Soy  |  Rice vinegar  |  Wheat noodles  |  Radish

Broek Pork Acres Pork & Prawn Dumplings
Black vinegar  |  Garlic chili oil  |  Ginger  |  Green onion

Alberta Lamb Sirloin
Korean curry & chili dry rub  |  Cilantro rice  |  Kaenip chutney  |  Raita  |  Black garlic butter naan

Recommended Pairing:
Last Best Tokyo Drift IPA – $11

Featured Alberta Farms & Producers:

In the midst of launching a new modern Korean concept by Chef Roy Oh, COVID-19 started to affect Calgary and virtually shut down the hospitality industry. Putting that concept on hold, we considered how we could serve our community. Roy’s Korean Kitchen was born. Modern Korean food and drinks in a comfortable but upscale environment.

Located in Mission, Roy’s Korean Kitchen invites you to try Korean food from a unique point of view. Chef Roy Oh was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, and grew up eating burgers, pizza and nachos alongside kimchi stew, raw marinated crab and Korean BBQ. Come in, relax and let us take you on a culinary adventure.