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633 – 10 Street, Canmore

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Timothy smoked hay braised Rangeland beef short rib “pop” (served on a stick) with pickled saskatoon berries

“The Dandy G&T” Wild Life Distillery Gin with Dandelion Tonic


Sauvage: /so.vaj/ From Old French sauvage, from silva (“forest”)

There was once a little girl that grew up in the North. She played in the forest, picking berries and collecting pine cones to make meals for her animal friends. In her journey she learned the art of cooking, working in restaurants all over Canada and New York, even competing in L.A. She found her roots in the mountains, and now creates Tasting Menus to share the bounties of the fields, forests, and streams. With a focus on sustainability, the menus change frequently to reflect what is available, not just in that season, but in that moment. Let our servers guide you in a tasting menu experience, whether it be “the Hunter” or the strictly plant based alternative, “the Gatherer”.