27010 Highway 16 West,
Jasper East/Hinton

Located in Overlander Mountain Lodge, just outside the East Gates of Jasper National Park, sweeping mountain views and elevated, farm to table dining, is what people come to experience at Stone Peak Restaurant.

With organic produce from the Robson Valley, and select meats from Alberta producers, international award-winning Chef Dean Hossack explores natural flavours that re-introduce the senses to everything they’ve been missing.

“We want our guests to remember dining with us for a very long time,” he says, adding sour cherries from the Okanagan Valley to a deeply savoury jus¬†made from duck. “What we do is simple, but simple is never easy.”¬†

Owned by the Griffiths family for 27 years, Overlander and Stone Peak are both the best kept, and least kept, secret of the Rockies. Word of mouth, rather than extensive advertising, brings couples and families to the lodge, cabins and chalets that surround the restaurant. And once here, guests seldom leave without making plans to come back.

The reason is that nothing here is more important than guest experience. And from the rooms, to the view, to the food served in the dining room, it’s a philosophy that’s built around the people who come here to experience this one of a kind, home away from home.