#101, 9707 – 110 Street NW,

$65 Gourmet Dinner – vegetarian, gluten-free available

Stone fruit with nigari ricotta, Prairie Gardens herbs & blossoms, Amiable Organics leek oil

Summer squash with herb dressing, Gruger oyster mushrooms, Fairwinds goat cheese stuffed squash blossom

Sea buckthorn ice cream with birch syrup, saskatoon berries, candied lichen (made with Mans Organics eggs and Rogers sugar)

Recommended Pairing

Craft Beer: Blindman Super Summer Sessions – $11

After ten years discovering the world and the flavours it bestows, Chef Scott Downey is back home in the prairies and set to introduce Edmontonians to his interpretation of Canadian cuisine. Opened August 2017, The Butternut Tree is just a stone’s throw from the beautiful Alberta Legislature Grounds just off Edmonton’s majestic river valley. A room with a panoramic view, Chef Downey’s first restaurant pays homage to the places he’s lived, worked and explored, while showcasing seasonal ingredients from Canada’s distinctive landscape.

chef scott downeyChef Scott Downey’s culinary career has been influenced through his training in the United States and Denmark. This training had started earlier than he thought through his upbringing here in Canada. His family had always found a passion for gardening and cooking meals from scratch.

In his youth, he grew up in Alberta with endless farmers fields surrounding them. From his upbringing, with this sense of eating from a garden, to his culinary training outside of Albert, his journey brought him home. He is excited daily with what is being grown here and the endless opportunities having a restaurant in Alberta offers.  Keep reading…