925 – 11 Street SE, Calgary

Located in the iconic National Hotel in Calgary’s first neighbourhood, Inglewood, the Nash and Offcut Bar put the focus on expertly prepared, classic fare. Chef de Cuisine Landon Schwarz is a veteran supporter of our local Alberta food suppliers, and with our wood burning grill and rotisserie taking centre stage in our beautiful open kitchen, excellent service and a elegantly styled room, we have all the ingredients for a memorable experience.

Chef Landon SchwarzChef Landon Schwarz grew up in a small forestry and mining town in Central BC and moved to the Thompson Okanagan in his late teen years. Most of his time was spent playing and competing in sports. At 19, he moved to Kelowna to attend Culinary School and completed his apprenticeship under Chef Rod Butters at RauDZ Regional Table. That is where his love for locality and “farm to table” took form and has been a staple in his life as a Chef ever since. In 2015, he moved to Alberta and has really grabbed on to everything that Alberta has to offer. He has put roots down in Calgary now and plans on raising his family here. He and his wife are expecting their first child in September 2023.

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