10713 – 124 Street, Edmonton

Three Vikings combines the comfort and familiarity of the classic pub, with a thought out, quality menu consisting of local ingredients. The Danish concept of hygge guides much of their decision making which creates a space where patrons can enjoy good food and craft beer in a cozy pub atmosphere. Bringing forth both Danish and English fare, Three Vikings have carved out a niche market in Edmonton.

“We are a scandipub that celebrates the connection between Scandinavia and the UK, via the activity of the Vikings. We have a lot of local pub favourites, as well as British and Danish specialties.”

While a bulk of their menu is produced in-house, Three Vikings sources from a grocery list of local suppliers.

“We have a lot of local suppliers and producers. We work closely with Meuwly’s across the street who have made some Danish specialty items for us, Zwick’s pretzels, Pinocchio Ice Cream, Reclaim Urban Farm, Mona Mushrooms and the Bon Ton bakery to name a few. We also have a farmers market just down the street and many of the producers drop off to us every week on their way there!”

Stephanie Moore opened Three Vikings with her husband Finn Mollegaard-Laugesen in October 2018. Not her first foray into the restaurant business, Stephanie is a foodie with conviction.

“I’ve been working in and out of restaurants for many years, mostly in front of house. I worked as a recipe writer for a while. I just love food,” Stephanie jokes.

Three Vikings uses local craft beers and have 14 taps at their bar, including 4 rotating taps. The Scandanavian inspiration also shines through at the bar, where they sell Akvavit; a Scandanavian alcohol distilled from grain and potatoes, flavoured with a variety of herbs.

“Each Scandanavian country has their own version of Akvavit, but it’s also being made locally as well. We have some from Iceland, some from Norway and some from Denmark. We have seven different types at the moment and have also recently been able to source it from B.C. and Calgary,” Says Moore

Absolutely a must try, make sure to drink your Akvavit ice cold.

dustin cooknell Chef Dustin Cooknell was born and raised on the west coast. He started his culinary adventure at the age of thirteen in Wetaskiwin. Now he’s back in Alberta to raise his family where his adventure started.

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