3200 – 14 Avenue NE, Bay 14,

Event Dates: August 11th & 12th – by reservation only

August 11th – 6pm and 8pm
August 12th – 4pm, 6pm and 8pm

Prepare to be amazed as Chef Stuart Kirton, our esteemed Founder, takes you on a delectable journey through 9 exquisitely crafted tasting plates of salumi, each one a masterpiece of flavour. To complement these culinary delights, we’ve curated 4 unique cocktails that will tantalize your taste buds like never before.

Progressive degustation menu, that consists of:

  • 9 stage salumi pairings (Pork, Beef, and Lamb)
  • Local drink Pairings from Bridgeland Distillery including Limoncello, Moscato Brandy, and Aged Grappa
  • Appropriate accompaniments

It will be served as an interactive experience, hosted by the Founder of the company.

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Founder Stuart Kirton began curing meat in his parents’ Ontario home. After completing culinary school, he set out for a post-graduate and to work in Italy where he learned hands on techniques and appreciation for the art of preserved meats.  While working as a head chef for a popular restaurant in Calgary (after many years working as one around the world in notable restaurants like Canoe, La Capinara, and Teatro), Stuart created a charcuterie business in an old wine cellar of a restaurant, where it was sold to other restaurants in the city.

In 2019, VDG Salumi moved into a 3000 square foot facility, and amidst the pandemic, the company expanded from 9 retailers to over 100 in Alberta.  In 2021, the company grew to 10 employees, and supplying over 500 restaurants and 150+ retailers. 

VDG launched a partnership with Mealshare, where every purchase of boxed salamis donated a meal to youth in need.  In March 2021, they became a certified B-Corp company (community towards collective action to address society’s critical challenges) to work as a force for good.  In June 2021, they also joined Inclusive Alberta, and 30% of staff are inclusive hires.