103 Mayor Magrath Drive S, Lethbridge

(Vegetarian & GF available)

Benchmark Carpaccio
Thinly sliced Tenderloin  |  Fried Capers  |  Arugula   |  Crostini  |  Garlic Aioli

Chicken Carbonara
Linguini  |  Cream Sauce  |  Oyster Mushrooms  |  Chicken  |  Asiago  |  Beef Bacon  |  Microgreens

Recommended Pairing:
Little Gem Winery Haskap Cider – $9.75


Featured Alberta Farms & Producers:

Perched high in the sky above Lethbridge, the Water Tower offers a one-of-a-kind, panoramic view of our city – and front-row seats to southern Alberta’s picturesque Rockies and brilliant prairie sunsets. Along with the view, we serve internationally inspired, casual cuisine in a fun, stylish atmosphere, from lunch to late. Hand-crafted drinks at Cocktail Hour, romantic evenings out, relaxed lunches with the family – the Water Tower is your home for food, drinks, and a view impossible to get anywhere else in the city. Join us today to experience dining on a whole new level!