103 Mayor Magrath Drive S, Lethbridge

The Water Tower Grill offers a casual and approachable space, enough for the everyday while still being able to offer a unique dining experience thoughtful for the most special events. Located in Lethbridge, Alberta the restaurant implements Vintage Group’s service standards to the local farmers’ seasonal ingredients utilized to shape their menu.

The restaurant is located 102 feet off the ground offering a spectacular dining view. They offer a classic steak program utilizing local Alberta beef and treating it right on a 1800oF charbroiled grill getting the perfect sear while caramelizing the well marbled cuts. Their Alberta On The Plate menu features Benchmark Angus sirloin, Broxburn microgreens, and Fiasco Gelato for dessert!

Water Tower Grill not only utilizes local products for their menu, but has built relationships with breweries and distilleries. They work closely with Wild Life Distilling, who are a suggested pairing on their menu, and are committed to producing 100 per cent Alberta-grain based spirits.

The refined farmhouse decor welcomes guests into a warm and inviting space reminiscent of joining a good friend at their home.